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Seven is supposed to be my lucky number. Both Mini and Noor have tagged me to write seven random things about myself. For someone who blogs about herself it is tough to find things that have not already been splashed across her blog pages. Especially having done a 25 random things about yourself post, reading which a first-timer at Shail’s Nest bluntly told me that I was too full of I, me and myself. I mean who else could I write about when asked to write 25 things about myself?? Surely not about my neighbors??!! I sure hope the same guy does not meander back to Shail’s Nest only to find me once more at the I, me, myself routine though on a smaller scale this time. Poor fellow is going to have a fit, not that it bothers me.

Oh well, what Noor and Mini want me to do is write 7 random tings about myself not listen to me blabbering. So brace yourself for more of the I, me, myself stuff that’s going to come up.

1. I am always misunderstood; it may be in teeny-weeny, small, average or gargantuan ways, but misunderstood I have been, I am ….and I guess, I will be. So I might as well learn to live with it. Sigh.

2. I just don’t bother to correct misunderstandings. Oh well, I may make an effort with some really rare people (so if I have taken the initiative to clear a misunderstanding do consider yourself special) on the rarest of rare occasions, but mostly it is, “If that’s what you want to think about me, go right ahead. Ha ha and ha!” (said to myself of course) is the attitude I take. This goes for family and friends too, really close ones at that.

3. I have the habit of talking to cats, dogs, birds et al that I meet anywhere and everywhere, not necessarily belonging to me. I also talk to plants (What do you mean drooping like this?? Am I not giving you water?? Stand straight like a good plant! And grow!!); and to characters in movies, who do stupid things like leave behind their possessions (Hey! You left your bag behind!) or neglect to close doors (Hey you fool! Close the door, the villain is right behind you!), spend time talking instead of doing what has to be done (Oh yeah, now is the time to lecture, take her to the hospital dumbo!!) ….as also to inanimate objects like a piece of paper about to fly off the table to the floor (Stay there! Don’t you dare fly off now!!) etc.

4. I am fond of watermelons. I can have them for breakfast, brunch, lunch, tea and mind you not as a side dish, but the main and only dish. No wonder I am beginning to resemble one! Sigh. No, I don’t have them for dinner, as the Lord & Master would then frown at me for not having proper dinner.

5. I am always interrupted. I open my mouth and before I know it, those left right and centre have jumped to conclusions of their own kind and have started putting words into my mouth for me. If only they would wait for me to complete what I had begun to say, so much of unnecessary explanations could be avoided. Now you know why I blog. No one can interrupt me here or put words into my mouth. *evil grin*

6. I view things from a totally different angle than what most people do. The reason is rather obvious. I am from Planet Neptune doing time on Earth for I know not what crime I committed back in my lovely home planet. The problem is this gets reflected in my ‘status messages’ at Facebook and GBuzz, the real meaning of which bypasses the most intelligent of Earthlings. I have (patiently) explained to friends and family to not look at the obvious literal meaning. But they insist and I sometimes find myself pulling out my hair by the handfuls and taking trips down alleyways I never knew existed. These Earthlings!!! Aaaaaaaaaargh!

7. I am extremely fond of taking pictures of flowers. No, I don’t have a fancy camera, just my Sony Cybershot. Here are seven of those I have clicked.

Now I have reached the tough part where I have to tag seven people. I guess most all of my friends have already done this tag… but I see a few who haven’t. So I tag







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