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I am lotus
A bloom in the mud
Rooted in mire
Untainted and pure
Fragrant and bright
Rosy pink and shades of white
I am lotus
Sacred symbol of triumph
Creation and rebirth
For a thousand years, in patience I wait
And when woken, regenerate…
In the freezing cold I shrink and shrivel
When the Sun sets I droop, sink and drown, no revel
And in the darkness die
A thousand deaths…
I am lotus
Magnificent blossom
In whom the world delights
Entrenched in the muddy swamp
Immobile in my assigned space
My joy is woven inextricably
With the inaccessible one
Celestial traveler of the skies
As his rays caress each dawn
I am reborn
In bliss each petal unfolds
And I live once again…

Shail Mohan (Feb 2007)