I have been procrastinating and now I am swamped under a deluge as more of them have been sent my way. I am speaking of tags! There is nothing for it but to get down to answering them. The mere thought of the enormity of the job at hand has me quaking like an aspen and wondering where to begin. But there is never two ways about it, it is always best to start at the beginning. So here I am with Shaili’s tag, for it is she who tagged me first way back in…. errr 2008. The poor girl has probably forgotten it. I will have to pop over and refresh her memory. Now a word, Shaili, don’t be surprised if you find some of your lines in this here tag. I have conveniently borrowed them as they say it for me too.

Here goes:

Ten things you wish you could say to people right now (don’t take names)

  1. “Oh yeah?? Says who??”
  2. “That’s what you think!” πŸ˜›
  3. “Don’t whine!!”
  4. “I miss you!”
  5. “Sing to me…”
  6. “Call me!”
  7. “Smile….always!!
  8. “Don’t you dare tell me what to do or I’ll do the complete opposite of that.”
  9. “Let me be!
  10. “I couldn’t care less!”

Nine things about yourself

  1. I am born under the zodiac sign of Cancer.
  2. Music is my first love.
  3. I can handle BIG problems, it’s the SMALL things that hurt me
  4. The smallest things makes me dizzyingly happy.
  5. I’m rarely impulsive. I think a million times before I act. But if you tell me ‘Let’s go’ I will join in you in a jiffy leaving everything aside.
  6. I never forget nor forgive.
  7. I simply love trees of all types and shapes.
  8. Injustice of any kind, affects me to the point of making me physically ill.
  9. I can never be blunt neither do I know to flatter.

Eight ways to win your heart

  1. Love me… genuinely!
  2. Have REAL conversations with me
  3. Trust me/believe in my sincerity
  4. Be witty
  5. Respect yourself and me
  6. Pamper me
  7. Handle me… with care!
  8. Be honest with me ALWAYS (most important)

Seven things that cross your mind a lot

  1. Do I ever cross ‘your’ mind?
  2. What are you thinking of now??
  3. How are ‘you’?
  4. Oh God not again!!
  5. What shall I cook for lunch/dinner??
  6. Where is the dog, what is she up to now!?
  7. Why?? Why?? Why??

Six things you wish you never did

  1. Moved back to my hometown
  2. Been so accepting and accommodating a person
  3. Let others talk me into taking up Economics in college.
  4. Let certain people/things affect me enough to change my life forever
  5. Remained silent on occasions when I should have spoken up

Five Turn offs

  1. Liars
  2. Show-offs, self pity
  3. Bad language, swear words
  4. Insensitivity, extreme jealousy & possessiveness
  5. Lack of sense of humor and also inability to reason

Four turn ons

  1. Good manners any day every day!
  2. Ability to speak without talking
  3. Intelligence and wit
  4. Confidence, but not an overdose please!!

Three things you want to do before you die

  1. Travel
  2. Travel more
  3. Travel even more…

Two things someone told you that you’ll never forget:

  1. You are my need and I think you know that by now...”
  2. Worth travelling miles
    just to see that smile!

One confession
~Moi loves ice creams!! πŸ˜› πŸ˜‰ ~

One down, how many more to go??!!! Anyways folks, don’t be surprised to see one tag post after another being unravelled here on my space. I am getting down to answering them with a vengeance. Hopefully I will be determined enough to see this through!! I am not tagging anyone as probably the whole of blogdom has done it except Late Latif moi!! But anyone who wants to, please go ahead and do it.

Cheers! πŸ˜€