“Hey Shail,” they tell me,

“You are too cheeky!

Your blogs are not funky

They are too long and unwieldy.

Have a heart for fellow bloggers

Don’t hit the hapless surfers

Give them time for breathers

Why punch the poor blighters??

Girl do slow down some

Learn from us what’s awesome

Don’t make any more bloopers

Reform, and get more readers!”

Rolling my eyes discreetly

I smile and reply sweetly

‘Hey Amar Akbar Antony

For my pleasure I blog solely

The web has blogs aplenty

So why not choose wisely??

Those that find it stuffy

May please leave kindly”

“Shame on you dear lady

Can’t you be more friendly

Why are you on the net

If you can’t connect??!

Why make your blog public

And then act eccentric

Comments are the bricks

Websites grow with clicks!”

I gnash my teeth in ire

Though I am no spitfire

Lost on the many advisers

Who are but ‘virtual’ strangers!

Maverick I am

Why should I conform??

I use this platform

To record my brainstorm!!

– Shail Mohan (Jan 2009)

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