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Come ye one and all. Lend me thy ears. Errr…. On second thoughts keep your ears to yourself. What good would having your ears do me in good old blogosphere?? Your eyes are what I want lent so that I can share the news of the good fortune that has befallen me. I have been chosen (Yippee!) to be the recipient of the prestigious (What do you mean, ‘Says who??’ What a question! Of course I say so!) Butterfly Award conferred by none other than that mystic poet Usha. A big and resounding ‘thank you’ with a virtual hug thrown in coming your way, Usha. I am humbled and honored and beaming. At the same time I cannot but hang my head in shame for the delay in accepting the award. I lay the blame squarely at the feet of the erratic net connection plus the intrusion of real life into my virtual one. The nerve, eating up my online time!! Grrr…

As per instructions, I can display the logo in my blog page and also confer it on those whom I think deserving. And you, the deserving ones chosen by …ahem moi, can do the same too and of course mention who you got it from. Don’t you dare forget that! So here goes:

I confer the Butterfly Award on

Vivek, friend nay, best friend, exceptional human being and talented writer whose best, believe you me, is yet to come.

Bob, whose world revolves around his little grandson Jimi. His blogs tell it all, his love and adoration for the little hero of his life. Proud to have you as my friend.

Rashmi, for being my twin well, almost, you are so much younger!!

Manju, whose blogs are so down to earth. I like the topics you choose and the simple way you express what is on your mind.

Indianhomemaker, I know you already have been conferred the Butterfly Award. What the heck, I am sure you have space for one more.


Blog updated on 29 Nov 2008

Usha, the mystic poet strikes again!!

Whaddya know, seems its my season now for awards!! 😀 I have been conferred another one. This time its the (even more) prestigious “Free Spirited and Independent” Blogger Award. For this one I am not going to be content with yelling Yipppeeeee!! and be done with it. I will do a small little jig as well if you all will close your eyes for a moment. This award means a lot to me though I really am not sure if I deserve it, if I am free-spirited and independent enough for it to be mine, but I certainly like the fact that someone did think so. Thank you Usha, thank you so very much. How many awards do you carry hidden in that handbag of yours you take to school??  Or is it one of those magical ones ever conjuring up awards?? Hmm….

Anyway here it is:

The “Free Spirited and Independent” Blogger Award

To confer this one, I really need time. Free-spirited. Now that word means a lot to me. Hmmm…. I will have to do a bit of thinking before I confer this one on anyone. I will let you all know later when I am done with my thinking.