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Don’t come closer

Now that you have gone farther

Any step nearer

Makes me in fear quiver

Once… I let you touch my heart

Draw me out of my past

You rowed me ashore

Showed me heaven’s door

In your love transformed

A new ‘I’ had formed

Pure and untainted

I was joy unalloyed

No longer alone

The world I seemed to own

Then… for reasons unknown

I was not any more your own

You had drawn a line

Ever so fine

To keep me at bay

Day after day

I knew not the reason

For the change in season

Why you built the wall

Or why I had to fall

Many things at stake

What was my mistake

Where did I go wrong

Do we still belong??

Yet… I know you love me still

This love no one can kill

Yes, you love me as before

And that love is forever more….

-Shail Mohan (July 2008)

Reposted from shail-mohan blogs @ sulekha.com