I am cross and positively bristling with indignation, obviously the righteous kind. Well may you ask the reason why. Don’t even dream of telling me to cool down. Ha! Would you be doing that kind sirs and beautiful madams if you were in my shoes?? More likely that I’d find red hot flame spewing forth from your nostrils, not to mention ears with accompanying clouds of smoke which I am sure would not be emanating from blowing on any cancer stick!! Patience Personified (that’s me in case you didn’t know) that I am, I am merely bristling. Imagine the bally cheek of the upstart trying to stop me from entering where I am jolly well entitled to enter. Adding insult to injury baseless accusations are also flung at me for good measure that sting to the core.

Trying circumstances is what I am laboring under right now. How would you feel walking up to your house one fine day and finding not only has the said house locked itself leaving you out in the cold but when you try unlocking it with, mind you, the original and genuine key, you also have the house turn around and accuse you of being a dangerous impostor who has been trying to demolish the house with weapons of mass destruction and so are being prevented from entering the premises. Ahhh! Now you are singing a different tune, aren’t you?? It’s like when what you considered a harmless baa-lamb turns around and bites you in the fleshy part of your anatomy when you least expect it, as Wodehouse would say.

Well that’s exactly what happened to me. Oooops no, I did not get locked out of my house, nor did my adobe accuse me of using weapons of mass destruction on it. I was only asking you to imagine the scenario because that’s exactly how I felt when I was left out in the cold by my own website. ’Error something-or-other’ says the stupid thing to me when I tried to log in. And then, unbelievable as it may seem, it accuses me in a clear-cut manner that I have been spamming my own site. Does it stop there?? Oh no baby!! It goes a step further, the dropped on its head while an infant software that is supposed to care for and protect me. It stops me in my tracks pompously advising me to contact myself to resolve the issue. Preposterous!! I was being asked to take my own permission to access my own website. Do you wonder I bristle?!!

Bad Behavior is the name of the software that is supposed to stop the nefarious activities of spammers. Yet it stops me, Miss Goody Two Shoes. Scandalous!! Hmm… looks like it is living up to its name and instead of stopping the bad guys is being bad itself for a change. Is that all?? You bet it isn’t. Not content with playing the villain, it is also being funny by asking me to upgrade to the latest version of Bad Behavior if the problem persists. Hello there Bad Behavior, excuse me, how am I supposed to upgrade to your latest version if you won’t let me in?? Gotcha there, haven’t I?? Now try and wriggle out of that one.

Sigh. It is alright to thumb my nose at Bad Behavior’s bad behavior. But it remains to be seen whether I will be allowed to post. I will just have to keep my fingers crossed and try my luck. All this leads up to one thing folks. In the future if you don’t find this site being updated with new posts on a regular basis, you know where the problem lies. Bad Behavior is being real bad. Yeah sure, you can rest assured that I’d be bristling with righteous indignation and in addition also resorting to some name calling while hopping from one foot to another mad as a wet hen. I know that’s bad behaviour but good exercise too!! *wink*

Please, no advice on what I can do to solve the problem. This is written in a light-hearted vein.