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Pic courtesy Vivek

The waves heard my secret

From the gentle breeze that blew

When my love whispered

The words I love you.

They ran with joyous roar

To tell it to the shore

The sands who knew

Blushed in the orange hue

The breeze then told the trees

To the clouds and the bees

And blew on carefree

Across the listening sea.

Murmuring to the sun

The breeze watched the fun

As hearing all

It turned red overall.

I heard my love whisper

The words I longed to hear

And the naughty breeze

Being such a tease.

I let my heart soar

For a moment not more

Have dawn and the dusk

Ever met before??

– Shail Mohan (March 2008)

First posted at sulekha.com