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I have lost something

Can you find it for me??

Looked for it everywhere

But found it nowhere!!

Close to myself

Never out of my sight

Away from prying eyes

I had hidden it so well.

Misused and battered

Injured and hurt

wounded and damaged

marred and impaired,

was the way I found it

when I lost it before.

Since then have I kept it

locked and away

from any who wanted

to just fritter it away

Showed it to none

spoke of it no more

inside its crabby shell

I shut it away

Who opened the seal

and stole it from me??

How did it happen

what can I say!!

Now that I have lost it

what shall I do

for there is this emptiness

where once it used to be!!

Will it be cared for

cherished and loved

valued and treasured

and nurtured with love??

– Shail Mohan (Sept 2007)

This was the first post of mine that was featured at sulekha.com.