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Feb 28 2006

Home Sweet Home

Dear Diary,

You know that I have been away for 2-3 days to spend some quality time with the L&M who stays in a nearby city. It had been fun there, roaming around every evening on the mo-bike, window shopping, eating out and chattering nineteen to the dozen about everything under the sun and beyond. I spent part of the days lazing around too, and in between made anxious phone-calls home to find out if the dog was fed, if the gate was locked, if the food was heated properly, if …..
Oh jaane do na. You know how it is. I guess mothers everywhere are the same.

Now you try and guess what happened on my return??!!!
After a tiring journey, I landed back home to be welcomed with slurpy kisses from my dog. She was ecstatic that I was back. No more having to wait for Mom’s phone call to be fed! She pranced around me, wagging her tail. I smiled at her welcome, opened the door and staggered back in amazement.
Where was the clean home I had left behind???????
Well, it had been only 2 or maybe 3 days back I left this place, wasn’t it?? Or had it been last year or the year before??? It looked like it anyway. I had left it in if not perfect at least near-perfect condition. Had there been a cyclone in my absence?? Or maybe an earthquake or a tsunami had unleashed its fury?? My head reeled.
The clothes were strewn all over the place, the news paper spread out page by page, dirty plates and glasses and cups littered the study tables.
The dog seemed to have had a free run of the house. Deciding to be sporting it had joined the little masters and contributed her wee mite by rolling on the sofa leaving her furry white hair everywhere and also piling up all her leftovers on the carpet.
The ants seemed to have found this a welcome change.
“Hey buddy!” they were calling out to one another in glee even as I watched in horror, making a beeline for the piece of bread lying on the carpet,
“Mom’s not at home and the dog’s left us something. Let’s party dudes and dudettes!”
I jumped back in alarm as some of them dared to gang up to bite me on seeing that Mom was after all, back.
I moved on dejectedly, wanting to scream but since no one was home as yet to scream at, I wisely gave up, reserving it for another day when I could have more fruitful results with an appreciative audience.

Do you think that was all?? Guess again.
I entered my room and was flabbergasted. My room was in the hit-list too! *&@%$*^#
”I give up! Oh God dear God, I give up!!” I wailed silently.
I remembered all the lessons on equanimity in the face of crisis, took a few deep breaths, reminding myself that I was a calm and cool person, cooler than the Kelvinator refrigerators, at all times. Then having found the inner strength to accept the inevitable, I went, had a nice cold bath and quietly took things into hand. I almost had a relapse when I found all the combs had gone missing from the dresser. I mean, WHY do these short-haired fellas need my combs??

Sigh! There had been such a lot to do today. I have been slogging from morning to get the house back into shape. When the monkeys …errr I mean children, come home in due course, they will find a clean house and will not even give it a second thought.

Whatever have I taught these children of mine??!

Ahhhhh, my back is breaking!

See you tomorrow if I am able to get up from the horizontal.