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A dedication from me to all the girl children of the world who face the ignominy of gender discrimination.

You tell me I was born

Very near midnight

When there was no light

On a very dark night.

Is it my fault

I was born at night??

Tell me Mother

Doesn’t day follow night??


The ink I spilt

Makes you so angry

When it is your son

You are never unhappy.

The frowns are for me,

The smiles are for him.

Why not spare a smile

For me too, Mother??


He’ll take care of you

You always tell me.

I wash the clothes

And vessels too, Mother.

When your back aches

You call me, to your side

To rub it for you

Not your son, Mother.


You tell me I am a girl

Nothing but a girl

Is it my mistake

Aren’t you one, Mother??

Love lights up your eyes

When your son you espy

Am I not your child

Just as him, Mother??


Will I ever see

Your eyes shine for me

Or is it my fate

To see only hate??

Mother, they say

Is an endless sea of love

Is it my destiny

Never to swim that sea??

– Shail Mohan (2007)