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K is for Kovalam where I am at present, holidaying with the First Born, the Dil (short for daughter-in-law for the uninitiated) and the L&M. Ever since our move to the new apartment life has been hectic. It seems like there is no time for anything at all. So this getaway is much appreciated.

Long morning walks, enjoying the awesome sunsets, reading on the beach or by the lagoon, taking gently swaying rides in country boats, gorging on delicious seafood (my favorite any time!), being mesmerised by the beauty of the green coastline of my state, watching birds (sorry, no photographs because I didn’t carry my camera) and relaxing in the company of loved ones are what my days have been about these past days.

If you’d like to see more photos, do visit my Instagram account.

Psst! I began writing this while on holiday, but am posting it only now after returning home!

Needless to say I was thrilled to finally have had the son and dil home after two long years and some. Till the moment they arrived the constant barrage of news about ‘new strains’ and ‘next waves’ kept me on tenterhooks. But everything went off well, they did arrive as expected and we had a wonderful time, both at home and on our brief trip to Kovalam. Yay, to that!

And now the wait begins for the next one to arrrive!

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