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It looks like the dark clouds haven’t got the memo yet. Someone has been remiss in giving them their ‘movement order’ as they call it in the army. They are supposed to have packed their bags and left for places unknown by now. Unknown that is, to an ignorant someone like me. I bet the know-it-all weather guys who know them well enough are well aware of their travel itinerary. They are perhaps even now tearing their hair out in frustration. Just my guess. for all I know they are actually smug and complacent knowing just why the dark clouds are still around.

Last night I was reading when I heard a faint roar coming from a great distance. Gradually it got closer and closer. I jumped up (very unwise of me, I know) from my chair, threw the book on the bed and rushed to open the door to the terrace. The sound was greater outside, increasing in volume by the second. Quickly, I started pulling the clothes off the line. When I finished and went inside, the roar was upon us and with a loud WHOOOSH, rain started falling. Big fat raindrops. The whole thing was so beautiful. For twenty minutes or slightly less, it continued pelting us with abandon and then ran away. Yes, ran away, with the same speed as it had arrived, leaving only the drops falling from the leaves to remind that it had been here.

Google tells me it is going to rain for the rest of the week. I am a little fazed about that. It is soon going to be that time of the year when I usually lament, here on the blog, about the too hot sun and the listless trees with their dust covered leaves. If the showers persist I might have to postpone my cribbing to a later date. Not that I am complaining about the delayed departure of the dark clouds. I like the dark clouds and the rain. But I am only hoping that it doesn’t throw a spanner into the works for people to whom it matters. Like the farmers. But yes, I do miss the colorful sunrises that should by right be ours this time of the year.

ยฉ Shail Mohan 2021