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I have become a rooster of sorts from the night owl I had been. Believe me, it is out of necessity. What is the point in going for a brisk walk in the supposedly fresh evening air, instead gulp mouthfuls of smoke and spend the rest of the evening and night coughing. Yes, some of my neighbors deem it fit to burn all sorts of waste, including plastic bits, in the evenings. Many are the days when I have cut short my walks and returned home to stay indoors.

Then, very reluctantly, I had to admit to myself that there was only one way to beat this. Get up early and go for walks before people have had a chance to burn waste and pollute the surroundings. I sighed and threw myself at the mercy of the phone alarm. I had to get into the habit of waking up sooner. And that’s how I started seeing the morning blush, the sun peeping from behind the yonder mountains, shining down from behind the clouds, and more of such changing moods of the morning sky.

Here are a few:

Clouds gathered to welcome the sun or hold him prisoner?
Sun peeping cautiously from behind the mountains
The cloud fortress keeps the sun in briefly, for questioning perhaps?
The morning blush before the sun rides out in style
The cloud army fighting a losing battle to contain the sun
Is it the moon or the sun? It’s the sun doing a moon.
Fire behind the mountains, lit by the sun

My humdrum mornings now start with much drama.

© Shail Mohan 2019