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The beautiful sight of a sleepy village we saw while waiting for the guide to appear

It’s been a year since my visit to Bhigwan. By the way, the auto-correct wants to know if it can replace Bhigwan with Highwayman. I have politely declined. But I digress. Bhigwan is a small town on the border of Pune and Solapur district in central Maharashtra, India. It is also called Bharatpur of the South or mini-Bharatpur, the reference being to it being a birder’s paradise. What’s to my advantage is that the place is accessible from where the Second Born stays.

Waking up the Second Born is a Herculean task at any time. Mom, please call me after ten minutes. Going back to sleep after making the request had been his habit in high school. So, when he, after checking online, said ‘Let’s start at 4 a.m. Only then will we reach at the right time’ I was skeptical if we’d reach early enough. But I needn’t have to worried. This grown up version of him is different from the school boy one. We were actually out on the road in our hired car at exactly the right time.

Well, what’s to say about Bhigwan experience itself? I’ll let the pictures do the talking in lieu of words.

We missed out on flamingos and some other birds as we were too early in the year for them. I’ll be going back again some time soon, hopefully.

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