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Don’t call yourself an ‘independent person’ as long as you cannot handle a flying cockroach.

I stopped short in my tracks on reading this (I forget where), shocked to the core. Uh-ho! THIS did not look good. So far I had considered myself a reasonably independent person, that is as much as a person living in an interdependent society can be, but here was someone telling me otherwise.

You see, my modus operandi on seeing a flying cockroach is to emit a high-pitched, albeit suppressed scream, which Luci with her sharp Labradorean ears picks up from wherever she is and promptly runs over to investigate, not that she is any good with cockroaches, and make myself scarce from the location pronto. Luci then gives the cockroach her very brief attention, owing probably to theย  Labradorean rule-book classifying cockroaches as unworthy of attention by the proud and stately lineage of Labradors. Luci being Luci though, has her own take on the rules and IF the cockroach forgets to keep still and dares fly gets mighty miffed, and forgetting the rule-book, jumps up and down in a clownish manner, trying to get at the offender.ย  But jumping up and down wildly can hardly be of use when dealing with a flying cockroach which is why the Knight-in-Shining-Armour, none other than the L&M himself, has to step in and with a swish of his well-aimed slipper send the offending bugger to an early grave.

Don’t judge me, people. Somewhere among the laws of the universe, there is one that states, IF there exist those not afraid of cockroaches, there also exist those who are afraid of them. What? You haven’t heard of it? Well, no worries, you just have! ๐Ÿ˜‰


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