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It is amazing how your brain comes up with dreams, weird ones at that, to solve problems causing you distress.  When you have a full bladder, your dreams involve using the washroom till finally your brain succeeds in waking you up enough to stop dreaming and start peeing for real. But that’s one of the simplest and easiest of the ones the brain makes up..

The weirder ones include dreams of you winning a game show on television, as happened to me the other night. Of course, I am not distressed for not being on a show or winning a prize; so obviously that was not the *rescue* operation being attempted by my brain.

After the winners were announced and had collected their prizes, a surprise announcement was made with much fanfare that the man-who-must-not-be-named-on-my-page (no, not Voldemort) would talk to the winners as a bonus.  The audience gasped, while I stood in dismay.

Let me tell you, I am apolitical, and yet one thing I can say with certainty is that I do not, repeat not, lean to the right. So not only did I not dance in joy but also did not swoon in ecstasy when I heard the announcement. With no other option and succumbing to the pressure from all around, I picked up the phone after the other co-winner had spoken, in honeyed tones, and in the presence of the studio audience, and an even wider television audience glued to the idiot box right across the country, told the *democratically elected leader* of the country in a no-nonsense tone: “I am sorry, I am NOT an admirer of yours, Mr. So and  So (at which he laughed a shade self consciously) because you did this, that and something else. In case you change and start doing this, that and some more other things, you’d earn my respect, but not till then.”

And that’s how my brain *rescued* me, by letting me get off my chest  what I cannot in real life, for all around me are those singing chants.

(I know, I know. I overshot the eight sentence limit. But if readers forgive, all is indeed forgiven. So the ball is now in your court)

©Shail Mohan 2016


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