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Time is at premium these days. So I thought the best solution to it would be to add to the pile and blog every single day of November. Cool idea, right? Yes, I do have ’em bright ones every now and then. Try my approach sometime, and let me know how it works out for you. All I ask is for you to not start throwing things at me in case it doesn’t. I can always give you newer ideas that may not work.

Jokes apart, I thought this would be the best way to send a firm message to certain people that I don’t need their services in writing, not that posting daily in the past has helped, but still worth a try. Seriously, why do people mail you offering to write blog posts when you are doing so much of writing yourself? Perfect strangers, and don’t be deceived into thinking they aren’t genuine, they are as genuine as they come, write and beg ask if they may please be allowed to publish ‘relevant’ material at Shail’s Nest. With their request is *conferred* the honor of adding (again relevant) links to their website, which they assure me contains content that is (once again) relevant to my own website.

Now this is where I throw in a dozen of ‘gorblimeys’ and ‘bless my souls’ a la Lord Emsworth (even he went only so far as shelling out half a dozen), the woolly headed eccentric peer brought to life by the amazing writing skills of my very favorite author (no prizes for guessing), P.G. Wodehouse. The reason why I throw the ‘gorblimeys’ and ‘bless your souls’ around generously is, I am very much impressed. Here are people who know zilch about me (or my blog) coming along and telling me what is relevant about it. Pray tell me, how could I not be?

If you must know the truth, ’twas like this that it happened. Words crammed together in the upper storey and when it got too stuffy up there (Air! Air!), some of them insisted on moving out. I was obliged to find a place for them and I did the best I could. Yup, that’s pretty much how this blog came into being. Irrelevance, that’s what I thought was its sole relevance. especially when the author describes herself as irreverent. But, it is indeed a lot of fun to speculate on the *relevance* of the requests from these eager-beavers. 

What is not fun is when someone comes along and offers to buy up your blog. No joke this, totally verified. But they might as well have asked me how much I would sell Luci for, the answer being, You bleddy Wish!

So let me make this clear:

This blog is not for sale. It is not a commercial site, but a personal website. I don’t endorse products or services. I am not getting paid by anyone for anything I write here. In fact I shell out good money from my own pocket to maintain this website. I write only because I have something to write. And if ever that desire vanishes, I will simply close shop and move on.

That’s it. 

So, this is how it starts, the NaBloPoMo of November 2015. In spite of the tight schedule, I hope to be here each and every day writing whatever gibberish comes to mind. That’s fair warning I guess for those who want to scatter 😉

©Shail Mohan 2015

NaBloPoMo November 2015