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Keep the scraps

you saved for me


For a night when hunger strikes

and you raid the refrigerator

looking for something, anything

for those new set of teeth to chew

that flashed, blinding you momentarily

like mine did, once.


Was it eons ago?

Or yesterday?


Keep the scraps

it will come handy

to wipe your hands of grime,

the dirt that stuck

while you dug a burrow

into unfathomable depths

and buried your head.


Was it from me you hid?

Or your self?


Keep the scraps

for yours is the need

of roofs to build

stomachs to feed

voids to fill

and repayments of outstanding loans.


My staple diet

scraps thrown by thoughtless hands

the bloated stomach, testimony of surfeit

and a nagging hunger that died of deficit

unknown, and unmourned

with one last bite.


Who can splice light and dark?

Weave dreams that do not fall?


Keep that scrap

you threw my way

I have outgrown it.

I think.

* * * * * *

NaBloPoMo November 2014

©Shail Mohan 2014