There are of course many things I dislike, and right on top among those is having ‘Forget it!’ thrown at me in the middle of a conversation. This can obviously mean a lot of interesting things:

I am too busy to explain this to you..

Ooops. I said that by mistake. It wasn’t meant for you.

You are not important enough for me to waste time repeating it.

You are too dumb to get this, so I won’t bother.

You didn’t pay attention and I am NOT going to say it again aka I am miffed big time.

I don’t care how this makes you feel, but what I say, I say only once.

There could be more, but this will suffice to convey how it makes you me feel, kind of like a worm with weak intellect being put in its place, which is the dirt below from where it somehow dared crawl out.

At least that is how it makes ME feel.

Any of the following can be the reason enough to elicit the ‘Forget it!’ response: Your ears not being in perfect (Who is, by the way?) condition and your getting a garbled message. Some interference (like Luci barking at the post-woman) causing words not to be heard clearly, making you lose the thread of the conversation. If it happens during chat sessions, the fact of the ever hungry Internet Gods swallowing part of the messages leaving you puzzled over unconnected bits, and hankering for what’s been lost. Not being wired to the same brain, you having a different perception of what’s just been read and hence replying out of context. Or lets just face it. It could actually be that you had a dumb-moment right then and could not follow what was being said.

Yet, why should one ‘Forget it’?!

When something has been said, and missed by the listener, wouldn’t the proper thing be to enlighten the eager, anxious, curious, interested (and many more such) soul waiting at the other side of the baatcheet (conversation) wanting to be filled in? Let’s look at it this way. Why would anyone take the time and effort to want you to repeat something for them? Why would anyone ask you to explain it once again? Why would they want to retrieve the missing/lost pieces of information? It can only be because they care, are interested enough in it. Isn’t that so? And the reward one gets for it is a disdainful, ‘Forget it!’. Go figure.

So my dear friends (and foes), please leave out, “Forget it!” from your conversations with me. If you have thought fit to say/type something, do also take time out to fill in the lost details in case I have missed out. In case it is one of the reasons above, how about being frank and up front about it, rather than using ‘Forget it!’ as its substitute? Of course if you think I am too dumb to converse with, you are welcome not to. Thank you. 😉


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