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No need to hold your breath for this one. No drum rolls either. The theme being revealed here for the A-Z Challenge 2014 is that of *theme-less-ness*. Yessir, absolutely no theme. Zilch. Anything could find its way to the blog during the challenge except that I will be sticking to the alphabet of the day, which is the idea of the challenge anyway: to start with A on the 1st of April and go on to finish it with a Z on the 30th (you get four off days too!). When you are done with the 26 alphabets, you do the happy dance, which is sort of optional by the way.

So in April you will find that my thoughts (on anything under the sun or beyond), opinions, rants, musings, humorous takes and yes, definitely digs at the pompous and insufferable, will continue as before. Come to think of it, all that does sound like a theme to me. The, I, me, myself theme. And why not? After all this is my nest. Makes sense that I write about the twigs, eggs, feathers, the branches, the trees, the forest, other birds, the flying and what I think of it all, the bird’s view, if not the birds’s eye-view. Yippeee! Whaddya know, I got myself a theme, after all. But wait, there is more.

I might make up a couple of wild tales (yes, I have got imagination, thank you!) in between and serve them on a platter suitably labeled as fiction. Now one thing about the stories I write. Be prepared, they might be sad as in the down-in-the-dumps type or the hilariously happy kind, rare though. It all depends on whether the Moon is big, fat and juicy or wasting away with sickness while I am penning them. You see, I am your quintessential moon-child, swayed by the Moon’s waxing and waning, not the fake ones parading as the real stuff. In addition, it might also trigger poetry spouting and if you are lucky (and I mean really, really lucky), you will get to read some totally depressing stuff that passes off for verse. Anyway, one hopes it does not come to that, does one not?

So yeah, here I am, theme-less for my very first A to Z Challenge at Shail’s Nest, but content all the same, and at peace in that *theme-less-ness*. Bring it on, I say.


©Shail Mohan 2014