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I clicked these pictures some days back, and ever since have been waiting for the bird to make another appearance for a chance to get some better shots. But it looks like this Hooded Oriole (That’s what I think it is. Please correct me if I am wrong) has found a different locality to grace with its bright presence. Perhaps the paparazzi being here bothered it.

Hooded Oriole sitting minding its own business, on top branch of tall tree, in Sunnyvale.
US2013 214Hears clicks, turns head, spots paparazzi come all the way from India, taking pictures.
US2013 218Privacy loving Hooded Oriole dives to hide face
US2013 215Finding the persistent paparazzi is not about to give up, the irritated Oriole decides to fly away.
US2013 216Paparazzi down below on ground, left fiddling thumbs knobs of her Nikon camera. (Sorry, no picture of that)