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Crows getting the initial share of the feast prepared on the first death anniversary (of the L & M’s mother).

In the old days, these crows with the grey band around their necks were chased away from such offering. Only the fully black ones were allowed to partake of the feast. It was believed that the dead returned as the latter to accept the lovingly prepared food. The crows with gray band were referred to as kalla-kaakkaΒ (liar crows) which made us children ask the (inevitable) question if the fully-black ones were ‘satya-kakka‘ (truthful crows)?!

Times have changed. There are fewer crows and it would not do for anyone to fuss and insist that only one type of crow is welcome. May be that’s why the kalla-kakkasΒ of before are welcomed by most, accepted as the form the dear departed souls have assumed to return and accept their offerings. Or maybe it is the departed souls who have made the compromise. Anyways, nowadays you find both types of crows are welcome to peck at the food lovingly prepared in honor of the dead souls.

But today we had another unexpected visitor apart from the expected crows: a hungry old woman.