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Hey Mom!! Whaddya know Mom, lots of carrots here Mom. You know how I love carrots Mom. I found boiled potatoes and oranges too Mom. Yippeeeeee. You know how much I love oranges Mom. Hey Mom, don’t be shocked.  They have plenty of chocolates too and don’t mind us doggies gorging on them too.

It’s a real cool place Mom. The steffis (ooops… I guess your friends wouldn’t know what steffies are, eh Mom?? Errr…. they are cats) here don’t arch their backs, puff themselves up and go psfffft pfffft at me, Mom. And who do you think I saw?? Try to guess Mom. Oh yeah, I met Goldie and Kimi Mom. They were mighty pleased to see me Mom. We were talking about you and Dad and our brothers Mom. You are all one fine family Mom and we agreed that we were lucky to have spent time with you all.

Hey Mom, I also met Simi…. and Chinchu and also Danny. He is as cute as ever Mom. Simi really misses you Mom. She wanted me to tell her all about you again and again Mom. And Mom, you are not going to believe this. Fatso is here Mom. See, I knew you were going to be surprised. You had been wondering why you hadn’t seen him since some time, weren’t you?? He is my friend now, Mom. For a minute I was worried he’d be carrying a grudge against me for not letting him steal food from your kitchen Mom.

Mom, you used to scold me for being no good with mice, Mom. You remember how you chided me for playing with mice and not being serious about catching them?? Awww Mom, they look so cute. I could never bring myself to hurt them Mom. There are plenty of them here too Mom. They snuggle up to me and go to sleep Mom

Guess what Mom. There is this tall guy with long hair and a longer beard, dressed all in white, Mom. He has a sort of lamp fixed on his head Mom. Seems to me, sort of with invisible fittings coz I couldn’t see any wires. You should get one of those Mom, Quite useful Mom when you wanna read Mom. I wonder if I can get the Old Man to send one to you. I will ask him the next time he is around.

Anyway, this Old Man with that light around his head came to welcome me Mom. There was a crowd with him of weird creatures whom I have never seen before Mom. To tell you the truth Mom, I was scared stiff when I saw them first. They have huge wings Mom, but they are not birds. Imagine that. They looked human Mom and their feet weren’t touching the ground either. Mom. They are called angels Mom. Have you ever seen one Mom?? I stuck close to Kimi and Goldie. But they told me I had nothing to fear. They were the Old Man’s helpers and really nice. Oh by the way, they have those lights too around their heads that they carry everywhere they go.

The Old Man asked me if I liked it here. I told him everything was fine. I asked him whether I could really eat those chocolates because my brothers always told me chocolates weren’t good for a doggie. He said the chocolates here are different Mom. They don’t harm us doggies. Wowieee isn’t that great?? I asked the Old Man if I could send some to my Mom, Dad and brothers. But he said no, I couldn’t. That made me just a little bit sad, Mom.

Hey Mom, I am glad you sent me over to this wonderful place, Mom. Please tell Dad too Mom. You both love me so much and so do my brothers. I am glad you let me go,  Mom.

Hey Mom…!!!

Mom.. hey!!!

What’s this Mom!!!

Mom, are you crying Mom?? I don’t believe this. Hey Mom!!! Awww….

I thought you were a brave girl Mom!! Hey Mom, don’t cry Mom!!

I am happy here Mom. Ya  know what. I am going to make the Old Man send you one of them fancy  lights that he and those feathered ones have Mom. I know that would cheer you up Mom. Lemme try a bit of tail wagging and talk him into it Mom.

Ohh I gotta go now Mom. The Old Man says my time is up Mom. Goodbye Mom. Love ya Mom.