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Love of White

It is a well known fact in our family of four, and also those with whom we have shared it, that the L&M is not a fan of the colour white. Over the years, each and every time either the children or I have attempted to choose anything in white or shades close to it, whether it be a tee, a handbag or shoes, he has tried his best to dissuade us. The reason? White gets dirty fast.

So? If something gets dirty, all you to do is clean it. That has been, and is, my counter argument. But I was not good at convincing him back in those days. Instead I would let myself be easily persuaded to go for darker shades. In short, I never put up a real fight, the kind where one says firmly, ‘No I prefer the white/off-white/cream one!’

Things changed when the kids grew up. It was soon obvious that THEY were not going to be persuaded by dad to not buy white tees and/or shoes. They pooh-poohed dad’s logic of shunning white as it got dirty faster. Besides, the children must have thought, their white school uniform shirts which returned muddy from school always looked so clean and sparkling white when they wore it to school next. Where was the problem then? Of course that was mom’s ‘magic’ working overtime, but I doubt they gave much thought to that part of it.


Over time, I guess a little of their spirit rubbed off on me. I started buying white handbags, and tops/tees, and sandals and shoes and whatnots with a oh-what-the-heck attitude. And also off-white and cream coloured ones too. But where I really went to town was when I chose white as the colour for my kitchen counter in my new apartment.

“White?!” The L&M had asked in an incredulous tone.

“Yes, white.” I replied firmly this time around.

Black is the colour of choice for kitchen counters in my part of the world. In the many army quarters I lived in, it used to be a motley coloured spotted mosaic, and in the other rented houses we lived in, it has been black. As for the new houses I have been to in recent times, they also had black counters. The material used for the kitchen counters could vary, but the colour is most always black. You see, the logic is pure and simple, black doesn’t get dirty too fast.

Every single person who visited me soon after we moved to the new apartment went, “Oh, white?!!” in surprised tones the moment they stepped into my kitchen. “You are going to have a tough time keeping it clean!” they added shaking their heads in a knowing manner.

Frankly, I couldn’t care less for their warnings because I am willing to work hard to keep my kitchen clean. What’s more, I actually want any dirt to show up clearly (so it can be promptly cleaned) not be invisible and be hidden from the naked eye. Besides, I LIKE WHITE. And that is all that should matter. 😉

Shail Mohan 2023