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The light that shone so brightly lighting up my life has finally gone out. My darling Luci is no more.

How I wish to look down and see her sprawled at my feet! I will never feel her beautiful light eyes fixed on me, or feel her silky ears with my hands, hear her robust barks or the pitter patter of her feet. Her snores will no more reverberate through the house reassuringly. I will never again be able to hug her.

I was never short of words when it came to Luci but am now struggling to say anything more than this. Maybe the words will come again later, when I have processed the loss and accepted it, when I can once again think of her without the sinking feeling. Perhaps then I will write more stories about her which I may not have written yet, share pictures still on my phone.

Goodbye sweetheart. You will always live in my heart, always and forever.