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Sunday evenings are when Belgrade, Bangalore and Trivandrum get connected. Chit-chat happens and the weekly goings on reported (that’s me!), not to mention exchange of information regarding what’s cooking for dinner that Sunday. Shows watched and books read (or listened to) form part of the exchanges between mother and sons.

Last Sunday was one such evening. I had just finished a book and was looking for book suggestions. Did they have any books in mind that they thought would interest me? I have not been reading anything new, the First Born shrugged. You might like listening to Sandman, the Second Born said. Hmm…

You had left a book for me, something by Dawkins, I told the Second Born, trying unsuccessfully to recall the name of the book. The Greatest Show on Earth? he wanted to know. No, not that one. I was sure of that. Then it must be The God Delusion, he said. Ahh yes, The God Delusion! Maybe I will start reading The God Delusion!

This interesting conversation was cut short by Queen Luci who felt that all the attention of her mom and dad which should rightly have been on her was being unfairly focused elsewhere. This was not done. No way would she allow it. She whined the nobody-is-paying-me-any-attention whine and immediately got the attention of her ‘pawrents’. This naturally changed the track of the conversation because I suddenly remembered something that happened the same morning.

By the way, I said turning back to the sons, I called her (Luci) by both your names today morning. The sons have nicknames ending with a ‘y’ and the fact that the names rhyme with Luci is my undoing. I am always mixing up their names. I have addressed the sons as ‘Luci’ quite a number of times, and so it is their contention that I love her more than them. But in my defense, it happens the other way too, and whenever it happens that I call Luci by their names, I make it a point to inform them.

The Second Born laughed on hearing me. The First Born who had been quiet listening to our book chatter, remarked, “This here is ‘dog’ delusion!’

© Shail Mohan 2021