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Flash fiction: Flash fiction is an umbrella term used to describe any fictional work of extreme brevity, including the Six-Word Story, 140-character stories, also known as twitterature, the dribble (50 words), the drabble (100 words), and sudden fiction (750 words).

“You have not changed a bit, you look as beautiful as ever.”
Hearing him, she laughed. Rather loudly, he thought.
“You really need to change those glasses.”
It was a polite dismissal. She had always been the no-nonsense kind.
“No, really. I mean it!” he protested.
His insistence only succeeded in fueling her laughter some more. Her large frame rocked as she tried to control her mirth.
“Aww come on now! Not this shapeless and wrinkled mass of human flesh?”
He looked down into his mug of coffee and was silent for some moments before he mumbled.
“Beauty is in the eyes….”
“Don’t mumble. What was that you said?”
He looked up to see her draining her cup. She had always been the one to finish her coffee before any of them. Clearing his throat, in a slightly louder voice, he repeated.
“Beauty is in the eyes….”
He paused, as if to collect his thoughts. Or was it reluctance to continue? He tried to second guess his own self.
She frowned at this much used and abused line. Had he become corny in his old age?
“…of the beholder aka yours, you mean. Is that what you are trying to say?”
Her tone was wry as she asked the question, but he continued as if she hadn’t spoken.
“Beauty is in the eyes of a person… and your eyes twinkle just the way they did decades back.”

©Shail Mohan 2016

Day 13 NaBloPoMo 2016

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