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The mirror looked quite ordinary, but she knew it wasn’t. It could show you the future. She had been warned never to use it and she hadn’t, not so far. Today was different. She was restless, curious about the stranger she met while she rode home.He had made her cheeks redden and her heart beat faster when he looked at her with his secretive dark eyes.
She carefully stepped in front of the mirror and looked in. An involuntary gasp of surprise escaped her. In the mirror, she was running across the meadow and into the arms of the stranger. She blushed as she saw them kiss. They looked so perfectly happy together. Suddenly she stepped away, quickly turning her back on the mirror. She didn’t want to see anything more and lose the thrill of her life experiences unfolding unexpectedly. So she missed seeing how the mirror had suddenly darkened and showed her a prisoner in a castle deep in the forest.

Sometimes you don’t look too closely or long enough, even when a *magic mirror* is available to warn.

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