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“I wish…”
“Go on, tell me…”
“I wish…”
“Yeah, what?”
“Umm… I wish…”
“Come on, out with it.”
“I wish…”
“Make it quick. I don’t have all day!”
“I wish….”
“Don’t tell me it is lice remover you wish for! Hyuk hyuk hyuk.”
“What? Why a lice remover?”
“Then stop scratching your head and TELL me what you wish!”
“Gawd! There he goes!”
“Let me think!”
“Think! Let me think, he says! It has been an hour, young man.”
“I wish….”
“This is not happening to me. It is not.”
“What’s not happening?”
“Nothing. Wish, please!”
“How can I when you keep interrupting?”
“I wish….”
“……….. ”
“You are making this difficult!”
“I don’t know! But you are not helping me by being silent.”
“All you have to do is wish and I will be on my way. I beg you. Please!”
“Okay. I am trying!!!”
“I don’t know which one to choose. I have so many wishes!”
“You only have to go around granting people wishes, they said! You will love your job, makes you feel powerful, they said. Easy-peasy thing, they said.”
“Stop mumbling! I am trying to decide.”
“Okay here it is, I wish to be… nah, not that. Ummm, or may be, let’s see, how about a zebra?”
“Finally! You wish to be a zebra?”
“No, no! I am asking you if you can make me one?”
“Of course, in a jiffy.”
“But lions hunt zebras. I don’t know if I want to be eaten by lions.”
“A lion, then? Rooooarrrr! Cool, huh?”
“No. Lions ain’t cool. Other lions attack it when it gets old.”
“I wish… Hey you. Stop whistling!”
“I didn’t too. I was only trying to breathe.”
“Breathe silently!”
“Umm, I wish…”
“By the way your time is up.”
“What? You can’t leave without granting me my wish!”
“Ha ha.I was joking (or trying to).”
“I wish to… umm, no. I wish, I wish, I wish……”
“Why me? WHY me!”
“I wish….”
“Hey! Where are you off to?
“I am leaving.”
“You can’t! What about my wish?”
“I am resigning. I don’t wish to be a wish-granting genie. I’d rather be an engine driver or postman or something. Or may be a zebra. I’d love getting eaten by lions.”

©Shail Mohan 2015

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