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I have not taken part in a Three Word Wednesday challenge in a long time. For 3WW Week No. 403, the words are hopeful, distrust and tolerant. To read other entries, go here.


“I get what I want” she said to me over the coffee, “Always!”

The emphasis was not lost on me. Conversation at lunch had so far been innocuous, mostly about people we both knew, nothing too toxic. When lunch was over and I heaved a discreet sigh of relief at the thought of getting away from it all, she had called for coffee.

She sat across me stirring the brew, seemingly lost in thought while I gulped the scalding liquid down, intending to flee as soon as possible. When she looked up, the smile on her face was smug. I smiled back noncommittally. I was still hopeful that the day could be salvaged.

“I am pretty good at it, always have been…”

Her talk no longer seemed as harmless. The frayed edges were beginning to show and I understood my instinctive distrust of her had been right all along. The ‘I am such a goody-goody girl’ look was replaced by a calculating one. It actually amazed me, this transformation, though it shouldn’t have.

I remained silent not bothering to contribute to the conversation. You see I am different from her. My other name is genuineness. What could I offer her as reply? Tell her that I did not even know to hold on to what was rightfully mine? She was already taking my tolerance as weakness, or even worse as naivety, or ignorance, as if I didn’t know what games she was up to.

A mocking smile was playing around her lips now. She added, confidence oozing out of every word,

“Oh yeah, baby! I get what I want, by hook or by crook.

So I did what I should have done much earlier, let her have what she wanted, straight out, on a platter. For that you can call me a loser. I have been one. Always.


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NaBloPoMo November 2014

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