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In Math class, the teacher told me that Bina had 10 apples in her bag. Her sister Rina took away 4 of them. Then she told me Bina had 6 apples left in her bag. Simple.

Simple? I was not convinced. There were too many things bothering me. I told the teacher I could not agree with the answer she had arrived at. From the information given to me, it was not clear:

1. where Bina got the apples from

2. whether they were organically grown or not

3. if the parents were aware that Bina had apples in her bag

4. why her sister Rina was not given any apples by the parents

5. if Rina also had a bag of apples she was not telling anyone about

6. if Bina is telling the truth or not, she could be hidingΒ 20 apples in the bag

7. what was the nature of relationship between Bina and Rina

8. why the apples were in a bag and not basket

9. why apples were chosen over say, durians

10. whether Bina was a cruel sister who hoarded her apples

12. if Rina was a kleptomaniac

13. if this affected the freedom of expression of artists all over the world

14. where the teacher got his facts from, was it the newspaper or Twitter

15. whether this was against the current Facebook policy and if Zuckerberg would file a case

16. if the blogger Shail had gobbledΒ all the apples and put plastic ones in their place

I could go on, except that at this point the Teacher emitted a high pitched scream and ran out of the classroom. They are pinning the blame on me. But, how could I take away 4 from 10 and arrive at 6 without knowing the answers to all the above?! I am so *puzzled*!

Updated on 16/05/2014
In case you were wondering, this is satire, and metaphorically speaking, I am that unfortunate teacher.