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I wrote this story a couple of years back and realized only now that I haven’t posted it here at Shail’s Nest. Considering that I am still feeling woozy after my bout of fever, this gives me a perfect O – post for the A to Z Challenge. So here goes.

A rainy day. You know the type of day I am speaking of, where it’s pouring not just cats and dogs, but more like elephants and giraffes. A car stop at the gate.

It is quite dark inside the house. The power has gone with the first strong wind that blew before the rains had even begun which by the way, is nothing unusual in my part of the world. The dark rain clouds have effectively cut off whatever weak sunlight had dared show itself earlier in the day, and with the help of cool winds have opened up of their bounty, literally deluging the countryside. It almost looks like night has descended in the middle of the day. I am loathe to switch on the emergency light and shatter the magical quality of the evening. But there is not much I can do around the house in this darkness. I might as well make the best of things. So there I am standing at the window enjoying watching the ‘elephants and giraffes’ the sky is pouring down benevolently, when I see the car stop at the gate.

I am curious. Who could it be?? Hardly anyone visits me. Probably it is someone or other from my extended family come to invite me for a wedding of some niece or nephew. Oh bother. Not another wedding to attend. I wonder if I can slip out of this one, already thinking up excuses in my mind.

The door of the car opens and someone steps out into the pouring rain. I watch through the sheet of rain trying to place who it could be. My eyes are not too good and hence I am well off the mark most times. Who was it? Should I go out with an umbrella? Why had the man stepped right out into the pouring rain like that? Suddenly my heart flips over and my breath stops. It couldn’t be. Not a word, not a message of an imminent arrival. My heart is now racing too fast. Have I forgotten to breathe? He is opening the gate and walking towards the house. I move away from the window, from his line of sight and try to regain my breathe. I collect myself, walk to the door and before he can ring the bell, pull the door open.

We stand there silent, gazing at each other. I notice that he is wet thoroughly, hair plastered to his head. Water is dripping from him, making a pool at his feet. How did I know all that? My eyes haven’t left his face for even a fraction of a second. Neither has his eyes left mine. He is just how I imagined him to be. I knew his eyes would be this way, that they would hold in them his love for me. Does he see the love in mine? I don’t know how long we stood thus. Was it a minute, ten minutes…longer?? I suddenly feel shy. Lowering my eyes, I move back, inviting him in with unspoken words. Without a word he enters, dripping water all over.

I close the door behind me and stand with my head bowed. I hear him call my name. My whole body tingles. I raise my eyes slowly and look at him. Reflected in his eyes I see all the dreams that I have ever dreamt. A slight movement of his arms and I am in them, held close to his wet body, feeling warm. Our thudding hearts are now beating in unison. His arms around my waist pull me closer as mine wind around his neck. He is mine and I am his. His lips are on mine and the covenant is sealed. Time stands still. I am at long last, where I belong. This was how it was meant to be… this is how it is meant to be. Tomorrow is another day. We will not think of tomorrow or the days after. Today, this day, is ours. Ours alone.

©Shail Mohan 2014