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A 20-year old girl was allegedly “ordered to be gang-raped”, yes you read that correctly, ordered to be gang-raped, as punishment for having an affair with a man of a different community. Of course it is not known yet if the ‘man from a different community’ was handed out any similar punishment.


“The girl was initially slapped a fine of Rs. 50,000” says the news item. “The gang-rape was ordered after the family said they would not be able to pay the fine.” (link to the news)

Do you get the feeling that you are living in some barbaric times of some long gone era? I certainly do, even though the year is 2014. I hear people say repeatedly that I live in “modern” times and that too in a country whose people are supposed to have been civilized when others were still living on trees and in caves. I certainly have my doubts about that. Which civilized society metes out such outrageous, and utterly inhuman punishment to a fellow human?

Imagine that. There are actually people living in the here and now, who think ‘gang-rape’ is a fitting form of “punishment” against a perceived wrong committed by a woman. No, they are not random people with individual agenda of some revenge or other. They call themselves ‘salisha sabha’ (some sort of self styled kangaroo court) and have power vested in them to make rulings on supposed misdeeds in their village. How much more dangerous can it get?

What is more astounding is that there are those willing to do the bidding of the ‘salisha sabha’ and volunteer to rape for punishment. What sort of beasts are they, willing to take on such a ‘job’? Do they consider themselves ‘noble’ souls for they were raping only as a means to ‘teach a lesson (sic) to a 20 year old’? What do their families think of them? Do they think of them as heroes, that it was all being done only in the line of duty? I will tell you what I think of them: scum, vermin, criminals, nothing more, nothing less.

Shame on the whole lot, the ones who passed judgment and those who eagerly jumped in to enforce the same. Shame on those who failed to take action quickly enough. Pity we live in such tolerant times. Or else, the ‘salisha sabhas’ and its minions could be shut up in a dungeon with a fire-breathing dragon to do the honors, and the keys thrown away.

NaBloPoMo January 2014