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I mined my surroundings with red-herrings and waited for the one person who would find his way through them to reach me. Beneath the azure sky, staring at its reflection in the still waters of the lake, I spent many silent days, in anticipation of the one who could easily untangle the tangles I have weaved so intricately, without ever dispelling its magic. Anyone who couldn’t would only remain trapped in the maze of my creation going around in circles.

One day I hear the sound of galloping horse hooves. At the edge of the enchanted forest the man dismounts.  He would now have to move on foot. His white steed neighs in warning. Disregarding possible danger, he makes his way through the thick foliage with confidence. Will his eyes see me, I wonder. My camouflaging is perfect. I merge seamlessly with the forest that when I peer into the crystal water of the still pool, I fail to see my own self. Would he notice the difference in aura or pass me by as just another limb of a tree with leaves, flowers and a bird’s nest?

I grow impatient even as he makes his way through the right paths. With my magic I make the birds flutter their tiny wings. The change in air current makes my golden yellow earrings dangle, catch and reflect the sunlight for the briefest of brief moments. Yet he has already turned. His eyes instantly pluck me out of my surroundings. In my eyes is invitation, in his is recognition.

The day darkens all of a sudden, the grey clouds gathering threateningly in the sky. The covenant has been broken. I have revealed myself to him with my magic, too soon, before his inner eye could recognize me by my aura alone. A thousand years in exile, to the Planet of Loneliness before I can see him ever again. That will be my punishment. But for now I lose myself in his eyes.

This week your post should have five different colours acting as adjectives for five important words, around which your write-up revolves.

e.g. her blue eyes.

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