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– a 55 word story

“Ma’am! Do you think lack of civic sense is the problem?”

Conscious of running cameras, she answered, theatrically,

“Poverty is THE reason!” Nodding thoughtfully, she added, “And of course, overpopulation!”

Only when the chauffeur driven car had left did the reporter notice the soiled tissue fluttering on the ground where she had uncaringly dropped it.

*     *     *     *     *

This 55-word fiction records my disagreement with people who suggest that the lack of civic sense in our country is due to population and poverty (link) as if the not-so-poor are the cleanest and conscientious lot! I believe (and strongly) that it is our innate selfishness and lack of pride in our surroundings that is at fault. I find it alarming how most are quick to use the population-poverty peg to conveniently hang ALL our ills, rather than face the fact that the majority of us ARE indeed the lazy, couldn’t-care-less types who are totally indifferent to anything beyond the four walls of our homes.

The first thing most people say when an unfavorable comparison of our country is made is give the ever-ready, purely defensive answer, “They (meaning other countries) have such problems too!” I find the response funny and rather obnoxious too. Would you keep a messy house yourself, and then when someone points out that your neighbor keeps a tidier house, say loftily, “The neighbors are sometimes a messy lot too!”?!  And I suppose if your child fails in his test papers you would accept his, ‘But my friend Raju fails at times too!’ a satisfactory explanation?!

Give me a KitKat!

This is part of the 55-fiction challenge on Write Tribe.