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Tring-Tring, the phone rang…!

She didn’t flinch at the noise that cut through the silence as she was lost in the sounds that filled her ears and thoughts. But after a while, her ears could no longer ignore the anomaly in the pattern her head was orchestrating repeatedly for her benefit, at her behest.

There was an imperceptible movement from the corner where she sat immobile. Her unseeing eyes had withdrawn themselves from the distance where they had been intently staring, and focused with distaste on the source of the new annoying sound, an unwelcome marauder of solitude.

Her hands tightened around the handle of the knife she was holding. Without a sound she moved swiftly forward and sliced the telephone wire in two. The silence was immediate. The corners of her mouth twitched in self-satisfied appreciation.


This time she recoiled at the sudden noise. The cell phone on the table had started buzzing. She turned around slowly and stared at it. Her eyes smouldered with rage. In a flash she was at the table, knife raised in fury. With unerring precision, she brought her knife down, shattering the screen, sending the phone flying across the room.

Buzzz… buzzzzz…

The vibrations now continued from somewhere beneath the couch, in the corner of the room . Panic filled her. She wanted the sound to go away. It made her skin crawl; a thousand worms were digging through her skin, entering her bloodstream and wiggling up and down inside her. She threw the knife away, and sobbing, started clawing at her hands and feet, her face and her back, leaving red marks all over.

The phone abruptly stopped ringing.

She held her breath, waiting. The worms had stopped wiggling too. Yet she searched carefully, suspiciously looking at her arms and legs, checking pores, expecting them to crawl out of her any moment.

Suddenly the phone started buzzing again, making her jump.

A million worms inside her had now come to life, moving this way and that.  Some of them were moving upwards through her neck, choking her, making her claw fearfully at her neck. They were now crawling inside her head too; she could feel them move under her scalp, making for her brain. That was when she decided to jump down from the balcony of her 25th floor apartment.  She wanted those damn worms dead.

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