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Though this has been written for the Blogadda prompt, since I posted it a day too late, I won’t be posting this link to Blogadda. Yup, I am a total lost case that way, when it comes to dates, and days of the week. 😉

Kevin closed the door to the Director’s office behind him and stepped out dejectedly. His steps were heavy as he walked back to his office. Damn. The man had just washed his hands of the whole matter. What a fool he had been to be proud of what he had unearthed, all the while thinking he would be scoring a point with the Director, that the man would be pleased with his work. After all he had been under the impression this was what he had been hired to do. What the hell, the man was nothing but a coward, Kevin thought unkindly. Just let things be Kevin. I have just one more year to go. Let me retire in peace.

Back in his room, Kevin sat slumped in his chair. He understood that now it was solely up to him. Should he go ahead and expose the unauthorized activities going on right under his nose or turn a blind eye to it all? When you say nothing at all, and remain silent, you will be seen for a pushover, and might even end up taking the blame for things you never did, he thought glumly. On the other hand, if you do say something, you end up being the enemy to be ruthlessly annihilated.

Kevin knew the figures changing hands were astronomical. He only had to keep silent and he could get richer beyond the dreams of avarice. But, how could he as the one in charge, pretend ignorance? When the shit hit the fan, as some day it surely was bound to, he would be the first one to be held accountable, not that he ever lusted for ill-gotten wealth. Kevin did not need much of an imagination to foresee what would happen then. He saw himself, the scapegoat, cooling his heels in the cooler. But blowing the whistle now would earn him a bullet or a knife wound instead. Either way he was doomed. Right now the phrase ‘between the devil and the deep sea’ fit him to perfection.

Kevin swore under his breath and cursed the day he applied for this new job as administrator of the new hospital in his city, just so he could stay with his family. The earlier one of his took him all over the country-side. Poor Sandra was the one worst hit. She had to be Mom and Dad to their children and, also juggle a job as accountant. As for him,. he had missed out on all the initial growing-up stages of his children. But now he felt, a father who was alive but travelling was way better for them than one branded an embezzler, a fraud, a cheat, or even one found dead in a dark alley.

He sighed, took out his pen and wrote out his resignation. His steps felt lighter as he walked back to the Director’s office. Soon there would be one more joining the ranks of the unemployed in this city. What the heck. He’d spend the days taking care of his children while simultaneously looking for work. And also help Sandra around the house. Yes, she would love that.  He was smiling as he knocked on the Director’s door.

The prompt: ‘When you say nothing at all…’ Write a post with this line in it.

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