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I watch you get off the train. Your eyes rake the surroundings. An intense longing fills my heart. I wish I were what your eyes so hungrily search. You smile as a splash of color detaches itself from the milling crowd and hurls itself into your arms. The longing dies a premature death, like fire put out by a sudden downpour. I smile wryly and remain where I am, hidden behind a pillar, for a few more minutes. I steel myself for what comes next. I know what I have to do.

Your expression has changed to one of confusion. A frown deepens the furrow between your brows. You have realised too late that you are holding the wrong person to your heart. People never could tell us apart soon enough right from our childhood. Your eyes scan the crowd frantically and look down uneasily at the one you are now holding close. But I don’t see any of that for I am already on my way out. As I walk away with a heavy heart, I am not aware of your desperate thoughts. What just happened? Where are you?

I will though, in the days to come, when things get so much worse before they get any better. Every single thought of yours you share with me and I listen to you in wide-eyed wonder. That is when we begin on the arduous journey of our impossible love story.

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