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Written for Free Write Friday prompt:

In honor of warming weather, let’s heat things up a bit. Write about an affair. It can be about you having an affair, someone you know, you partner/spouse, the neighbor, the preacher…whoever you choose. Just give us a “fly on the wall” peak inside! What lies are being told? How is the cheater making it work without getting caught? Or are they getting away with it after-all? Think “Big Brother” and give  us the scoop!

She was impatient. Where was he? She had called him more than an hour back. Had he lost his way? She dialled his number again.

Where are you?

I am having breakfast.

Having breakfast? She wanted to chide him. Wasting precious time. They had very less time, time got with great difficulty. Her husband worked from home. She was never ever alone. And there was possibly no reason she had to stay away too long from home either. That made things difficult for them to meet notwithstanding what passion made them long for. Why couldn’t he have breakfast with her? She fretted but quickly pushed the feeling away. She was not going to let anything mar today. They were going to be alone together after so much of silent yearning.  The first time they met did not actually count. It had merely been an eye-feast and yet, what a feast that had been. They had turned themselves into self-contained islands in a sea of strangers for a short time. This time it was different. They were going to be absolutely alone for a few hours. Her senses tingled deliciously at the thoughts of what could happen. But he hadn’t turned up yet.

She walked once again to the balcony watching the intermittent traffic down below. Where was he? Caught in the morning traffic? She was lost in thoughts, not really seeing the usual morning scenes of a city that was raring to go. In her mind’s eye was playing and replaying their first meeting. It had been love at first sight. They couldn’t take their eyes off each other. How difficult it had been to act normal. She couldn’t understand the strange and powerful attraction. He was no doubt a looker. It was obvious he found her attractive too. His eyes mesmerised. But there was something more that awoke disturbing erotic feelings long forgotten.

She had felt so flushed and school-girlish. Fifteen year olds, that’s what he said about them. She smiled, recalling. All they could manage after that initial meeting were the few seconds of intermittent thrilling eye games they surreptitiously indulged in when they met in groups, games that only increased and made unbearable their appetites for each other. She had to stop herself from colouring whenever his intense eyes rested on her when no one was looking. Once he had looked up from his plate directly into her eyes with so much passion that she had involuntarily gasped. She had been seated right across him at the party. The rest of them at the table were quite unaware of the secret play unfolding so daringly.

He saw her at the balcony before she noticed him. He waved as he got off the cab. She smiled suddenly reminded of the enormity of what she was getting into. She walked back into the house, opened the front door and waited, her heart racing. She was looking the other way, expecting him to get off the lift. But he had bounded up the stairs. Before she knew it, he was inside the house and they were standing face to face. She looked at him, but was suddenly seized with an inexplicable shyness, making her look away, not meeting his eye. In spite, she found herself taking the two steps to reach him. Her hands went around him and she buried her face in his chest, inhaling his male scent, feeling his small potbelly press against her.

Her action seemed to have taken him by surprise. There was the briefest of pauses, when a thousand fears beset her. Had she been hasty? But before she could think any further, his arms were around her crushing her to him and his lips busy trying to pry open hers. She sighed, giving herself up willingly to the sinful feelings of pleasure she felt. He bent; eyes not leaving her face, lifted her off her feet and carried her in the direction of her bedroom. She protested, smiling, I weigh too much. He only laughed and held her tighter. As he gently put her down on the bed their eyes met again. The jolt of current that passed between them made them hurry. Black, he had said. She was wearing black, for him.

Later, satiated in their forbidden love-making, as they lay in each other’s arms, he talked to her of guilt. Shhhh… She silenced him. No guilt, no regrets. She snuggled up to him. The hair on his chest, tickled her nostrils. I have always wanted to do this, she said rubbing her face in his chest, then looking up and smiling up at him. He pulled her on top of him with renewed desire and they started kissing with urgency again. That’s when they heard the door bell ring.