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Writing prompt from Free Write Friday:

You have just woken up in the backseat of a car and you look up to see palm tree’s through the back glass. The sun is setting and you realize you are far from home…

(Remember, free writing only and try not to over-think or edit. Just go with it and pen whatever comes to mind)

So here goes:

I was awake and lay with my eyes closed. I could hear a gentle hum, the bed was shaking too.  Was it an earthquake? There had been talk of imminent earthquakes and the collapse of the old dam at Mullaperiyar which was on a fault line. Alarmed, I opened my eyes.

My first thought was that the quake had collapsed the roof and walls of my house and left me staring at the sky. Had I been hurt? I did feel a bit groggy….  and totally confused.

Palm trees? Palm trees? There were no palm trees for miles around my house. Why was I seeing palm trees? Had the dam burst and the water carried (still carrying) me along with it to…. But wait, there are no palm trees anywhere near here. Where the hell was I?

That was when I heard the honk of a horn. I literally jumped out of my skin. I sat up with a jerk. Oh my poor head, it hurt so much. I pressed my throbbing temples and …

Oh my God… I was in a car? And who is that driving? What am I doing in the back seat? I looked to my left, bare land as far as eye could see, but for those palm trees. I turned to the right and it was ditto. The road seemed to go on forever.

“Hey!” I said, or rather tried to. But to my ears it sounded like a bleat of a sheep with a bad throat infection. I cleared my throat and tried again.


There, it came out better. There was no reaction from the front seat. Why wasn’t he/she answering? I had this uneasy feeling, creepy rather. My hair was standing on end.

“Hey! Who are you? Where are you taking me?”

No answer. I could only see sleek dark brown hair falling smoothly to the shoulders. The orange highlights the setting sun gave it made it look so eerily pretty. The big hat sort of spoiled the effect and also cast a shadow over what little of the face was revealed. Actually it was zilch. I could see nothing but the glossy hair and a stupid hat.

Dare I? I extended my hand and shook the shoulder of the person driving. No reaction still. Annoyed, I shook the person real hard.

“Hey! Who the hell are you?!” I shouted annoyed. “Stop the car now!”

All I heard was a swish and a grrrrrrrrrrowl. I was staring into the most hideous face I had ever seen. The fangs glinted in the last rays of the sun and I swear there were two lion-type ears beneath the hat.

I screamed and screamed and screamed and…. fell off my bed. Mullaperiyar, and dams and earthquakes and horror movies and aliens and….  Jeez! I swore then and there that from now on I’d read only about Thomas the Engine or Bambi before bed-time. Sigh…! As if!