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Penetrating the layers of sleep that cocooned me, came the faint but insistent ring of the alarm. Oh bother! The cell phone was in my handbag and the bag itself I had dumped in the wardrobe. I was loathe to get up and switch it off. If only it had been at arm’s length! But from inside the wardrobe the sound was at least sufficiently muted. I decided to ignore it and sleep some more. Why the hell had I wanted to wake up at the unearthly hour of 6 o’ clock in the morning anyways? Then I remembered. I was going to change over a new leaf. Yep, that had been the idea over the weekend. Get up and get that butt moving.

The new treadmill was here, finally, after some bright smiles, a little persuasion and a cold war that went on for sometime, a cold war if truth were known, on my part and which the husband dear man, had been totally oblivious to. Yeah, I know. I am stupid that way, declaring war on people who aren’t even aware that it is on. Makes me look foolish, I agree, but thankfully only to myself. This way, when the war is over, I don’t have to look sheepishly at others, apologize or kiss and make up, though the last one is a rather inviting option. Anyways, what matters now is that the treadmill is home and I had decided to do away with my habit of late nights and stick to a new regime which consisted of rising with the lark and getting some calories burnt.

I used to be up and about with the lark in days of yore. When had I turned into this sloth? My day now begins at noon. Well, that is not the absolute truth. I do drag myself up from bed at 7 a.m. and prepare breakfast for the husband, who has to leave early for work. But from then on to noon I simply walk around like a zombie in spite of the hot cuppah that I absolutely need to revive myself to do something as simple as glance at a newspaper. By noon I am in my element and I start my work in real earnest, running around like an eager beaver, getting one thing after another done. I am not one for what they call siesta. Where others want to sleep off their lunch, I am at my most energetic. I can go on in this vein till midnight when my energy levels start dipping again.

I hear foot steps.

“The alarm is ringing” says the husband.

He is a great one for stating the obvious and I am one who wants to howl in protest at anyone doing that. I don’t. That would mean that the remnants of sleep I am hanging on to will leave me.

“Where is your phone?”

The husband is not about to leave me alone. He is in a brighter and chirpier mood than the best of them larks.

“Why do you have an alarm for 6 o’clock?”

I sigh and drag myself out from under the warm covers.

“I thought I’d walk a bit” I mumble sleepily.

“Shall I get you breakfast?” I ask, yawning.

“Not so early”

I look up in surprise.

“I don’t have to go to office today…”

“You don’t?”

I sound hopeful and surprised at the same time.

“Naah! Did you forget that today is a holiday?”


“Can I sleep some more?”

Hope had just triumphed.

“Be my guest” he says walking away. Aww… Isn’t he a darling?

It is raining heavily outside. I snuggle deeper under the covers. Now I have a job at hand to entice sleep that I had earlier sent flying in all directions. I lay there contentedly, confident that the absconder will return to grace my person sooner than later. Sure enough, gently and softly it comes and leads me back to heavenly slumber land.


I sit up rubbing my nose, my eyes watering.

Unbeknownst to me, someone else had also come in noiselessly, someone quite the anti-thesis to the gentle sleep and had cheekily bitten me on the nose, rudely awakening me. The tiny fur ball now looks at me with mischievous button eyes that tell me in no uncertain terms,

“Time to get up, Lady!”

I obey.

This here is fiction. But if some of you feel you recognize those mentioned here, you will be right of course 😉

Written for 3WW CCLVI. Prompts for the week: penetrate, drag, mumble