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– a story of heartbreak.

I have lost the last chance I took.

They have taken over.

I am powerless.

They tell me what I should do.

I have to obey.

They tell me I have to seal my heart shut.

How can I??

I told them it was impossible.

They tell me I am a fool.

Perhaps I am.

They tell me I must not get in deeper.

I want to wade in deeper much deeper.

They tell me I will drown.

I know I will.

I tell them that is what I want.

They tell me I will lose.

I laugh at them.

I tell them I am happy.

They ask me, ‘Then, why are you crying??’

I touch my cheeks.

I look at my hands in wonder.

My hands are wet.

They ask, ‘Are they tears of Happiness??’

I shake my head in the negative.

They ask, ‘Are they tears of Anger??’

I stare at them silently.

The answer is still ‘No’

They ask, ‘Are they…’

I don’t want to hear any more. I turn away.

I know they will ultimately reach the right question.

I cannot answer them.

They know I cannot answer them.

I feel the frost of fear cover me in its chilling mantle.

They are right.

I should listen to them.

They are only trying to protect me.

They are trying to help the fool that I am.

Only they can save me.

I have to do what they say.

They know I cannot go back.

I look at them mutely.

They tell me what I should do to save myself.

‘Lock up now or else you will be hurt.’

They are always right.

They know me only too well.

Yet it is so hard and I don’t want to obey.

I rebel.


They call in Pride.

They tie my hands with the strong silken ropes of Pride for my own good.

I want to free myself. I try hard.

I must grow up, be a big girl.

But they know the sad truth.

They know I love the smooth feel of the silken ropes of Pride.

They know I love the cocoon of its safety.

They know the fetters of Pride will keep me silent.

They know I will never grow up and be a big girl if I live to be a hundred.

They know this is the only way.

They know something you don’t, my love.

They know this heart and its secret longings.

Unlike you, they also know the reason why.

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