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“Amma! Amma!” Son Junior calls out.
“Where are you??” he shouts.
I had just finished my bath, and was combing my hair.
“Coming!” I reply.
He sounds impatient, I thinkt to myself.
Ammaaa! Where are you?” More insistent now!
“Come here fast! I have something to show you!!”
I pause, warning bells ringing. What could that be?
My sixth sense is wide-awake now and takes over, working on all six cylinders.
Trrrring!! Goes a bell in my Experienced-Mom-Brain.

‘A kitten or a pup?’ I wonder.
Not likely to be a pup. We already have a dog, Goofy.

“Have you brought home a kitten?” I call out.
Ammmaaa!” comes his aggrieved voice, “How did you guess?
He is disappointed that his big surprise is lost!!
Poor fellow! What does he know of mothers and their third eye!
Opening the bedroom door I come out smiling (smugly), to myself.

There was this tawny kitten in Son Juniors arms. Tiny, so tiny. Here is a picture of her, sitting on our dining table with that wide-eyed, totally bewildered, ‘where-am-I??’ look!! Doesn’t she look cute?

It took her all of 24 hours to accept us, just like with the earlier kitten, Kimi. By the end of that period, she was shinnying up our legs unconcerned of how her little claws dug into our skin, and making herself cozy in our laps. Purring contentedly, she would curl herself into a ball and sleep. Accepting the dog did not come as fast and naturally to her as the earlier kitten Kimi. When we first introduced this kitten to Goofy, Goofy politely wagged her tail as is her habit. But the kitten arched her back, puffing herself and went Pfffft pfffffft at poor Goofy. She walked away offended. That her friendly overtures should be thus received! And she a veteran of 8 years of cat–loving and caring! Whenever Goofy was in and around her, the kitten, continued with her try-to-scare-away-this-big-dog routine. She even tried to swat the dog on the nose with her tiny paw.

One day Goofy came running to greet us on our return from shopping, any dog’s courtesy when the Master and Mistress return after an absence of even a second. The kitten, who was in the way, went pfffft pffft on seeing the (to her), huge dog running towards her. She went into her arch-back puff-up go-pfffft-pffffft routine. The dog was annoyed. She turned and ran after the horrified kitten making it run for its dear life. The kitten hid between some bricks lying near the compound wall, where the dog couldn’t get at it. Would the offended dog give up, now that the chase was on?? Never! Goofy tried to push her nose in and get at her. The kitten smartly put out her paw and scratched the dog’s nose. That was it. The dog had had enough! It ran away, in between pausing to rub her nose in the grass. She sulked and wouldn’t come indoors. She stayed all day in the backyard. The call for food did not entice her!! Not even my husband’s departure or my sons’ arrival made her budge from the backyard!!
It was one big royal sulk!

When Goofy was called in for the night she came indoors and made straight to her place, settling down with a sigh. ‘No food for me thank you,’ said her look! I tried coaxing her. No deal. I had enough on my hands without the dog adding to my woes with her moping. I left her to brood on her insult and injury and retired for the night.

The next morning, Goofy went out obediently when I let her out. In between my morning work session in kitchen, I remembered that she had had nothing to eat since lunch the previous day and went in search of her. She was sleeping beneath our Omni. I called her. No go! I ordered her to come out. Reluctantly she followed me inside to the kitchen and sat down with a sigh, looking up at me. I sat down beside her and hugged her and spoke to her, Of course, didn’t I love her soooo very much? And will I not love her always, as ever? Will a kitten make any difference? Did the silly kitten hurt my baby? She doesn’t realize what a goody goody dog you are! Stupid, but she’d come around in the end. Doesn’t she remember, they all do in the end! This is just a show they are putting up. You are the wise one, the older one!

By this time, she was giving me a few licks and her mouth opened up into a wide grin, getting wider by the second! Soon she ran away to have her milk, lapping it up eagerly. She even gave the kitten a friendly glance, but made no moves. There was time to get to know her. Time, when the silly thing realized, she, Goofy, was a polite, caring dog, full of love! Goofy ran out, having finished her milk. She had work to do!! The day had begun and there was lot of barking to do!!
Phew!! That was some pep talk I had to give! Sibling rivalry among my kids hadn’t been half as bad to handle!

Things changed since then. The kitten Goldie (Goldilocks, her full name -named by my niece who took good care of her while she was here.) came around. She started playing with Goofy. She curled up on Goofy, especially on cold and rainy days. I sighed in relief. The spats were over. Peace reigned. Amen.


This dear little kitten left us when she was bitten and killed by the dog next door. Our neighbors unceremoniously dumped her in our yard where we found her.  😦