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A moment in time

Savoured and held as truly mine

When a heart was given

In exchange for another, without questions

When love was like never before

Not ever since.


A moment borne away by laden clouds

Sped along by winds

Rained joyfully

Upon the insidiously winding river

Touched by the lone-witness, the tree

And swiftly carried by currents to the limitless sea


A moment that in the relentless sun

Rose again as unsullied vapour

Condensed by cool moonbeams on a full moon night

Found on  petals and leaf tips at dawn

Dew drops that shine like tear drops,

My most beautiful thing……….

– Shail Mohan (April 2012)

Today I’m taking part in the My Most Beautiful Thing Blogsplash to celebrate beautiful things – inspired by Fiona Robyn’s new novel, The Most Beautiful Thing. Bloggers from all over the world are taking part and writing or posting pictures of their most beautiful things today. Find out more here and see everyone else’s blog posts here